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Monday, 1st May 2017
Vagdevi Sheshappa hall, SriRampura, NammaBengaluru

Traditionally, Upanayana (Brahmopadesha) is acceptance of a student by a Guru (Teacher) and is the beginning of his formal education in Sanathana Dharma. During this ceremony, the boy wears a sacred thread (Yajnopavitha), in the presence of his parents and priest , large number of relatives and friends.  It is more of a social gathering, providing a platform for meet and greet relations and friends.

During the ceremony, the boy also receives Brahma Upadesha (sacred Gayatri Mantra) by his father.

Such was the occasion for Samarth, 9-year old son of Sowmya-Harish, who organized the event for his only son at Vagdevi Sheshappa Hall at NammaBengaluru.  Sowmya is the daughter of Kusuma Ballal, sister of Leela Dodda, who is my brother's wife.

There was a gathering of about 300 people for the event, as usual in such occasion, a grand lunch follows with number of items. Rumaali roti was special item for lunch with holige and other sweets.

After lunch, people disperse to their homes, after a bit of socialization.

written Wednesday 3rd May 2017

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