Friday, July 14, 2017


Monday, 10th July 2017

Shubha - daughter of Asha-SV Bhats, who were in Dubai for many years, when we were also in Dubai. They were close family friends and we spent time together parties, picnics, NewYears and outings.  It is now time for the girl to get married and her parents came to our house and invited us for the wedding.

The wedding was at Ramachandrapur Mutt beautiful Kalyana Mantap at Mani, 40 km from Mangalore. We are there at 9.30 am, after saying bye to Subramanya at Vamanjoor, where we stayed the previous night.

Old acquaintances, friends from Dubai, some are relocated in Bangalore/Mysore had come to witness the wedding and it was more of re-establishing the lost contacts. Sudhaker Rao Pejavars-Latha from Dubai, Suresh-Usha Cukkemane from Mysore,  Vishwapathi-Devaki, from Mangalore, Venkatagiri-Vanaja Saya from Virajpete, and we from Bangalore were all there spent some good time.

After the ceremony, as usual grand lunch followed. All dispersed after lunch to their respective places and we proceeded to Udyavara to catch night taking us to Bangalore.

written Friday, 14th July 2017

RECEPTION at Dharmastala Manjunatheshwara Swamy Kalyana Mantapa, BasavanaGudi, NammaBengaluru.

Posted on 25th July 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Sunday 9th July 2017
at Maravanthe.



GuruVandana is teacher appreciation program organized by students and their parents to express their gratitude to GURU.

The letter GU means darkness and RU means removal of darkness, hence GURU means one who removes all darkness from lives and enlightens us. It is celebrated on GuruPoornima Day, believed to commemorated on the day VedVyasa, author of MahaBharatha, was born.

The students of Hindustani Vocalist Vidwan Sathish Bhat organized a whole day program at a hall in Maravanthe, a place famous for beach on one side and river on the other side of the national highway.



Shama Somayaji, talented flutist, learning hidustani classical from Satish Bhat was the active organizer and since we were in ooru, we went to the program with Sridhar Hande, geandfather of Shama. Each student was given 20 minutes time render a piece. At the stage program, presided by Sridhar Hande, Guru Satish Bhat was honoured with flowers and a "Kaanike".

The program continued after lunch, and we left the place at 4 pm.

written 14th July 2017


Saturday 8th July 2017
Krishna Mutt, Udupi

UAE Brahmana Samaja, Dubai, started in 2003 by a group of like minded Brahmins with our initiative, is continuing it year round activities in its fourteenth year.

Presently the samaja is continuing all its activities with the active leadership of Sudhaker Rao Pejavar.

The latest of Samaja\s activities was collection of funds for a room in AnandThirtha Vidyalaya (School) at Pajaka, near Udupi, the initiative of Paryaya Pejavar Swamiji. The 86-year old, frail, controversial  Sri Sri VishweshaThirtha Swamiji at his fifth paryaya of Krishna Mutt, is very active.

The presentation of Rs 10 Lakh cheque to Swamiji was fixed for Saturday 8th July at Krishna Mutt, Udupi. Those who present were Sudhaker Rao-Latha, KrishnaRaja Tantry-Sulatha, Madhusudan Talithaya- Pushpa ,Manohar Rao, Dayanada Debbar, VasuBhat-Vani, Hemalatha Holla, Ramachandra Udupa, of course, me and Nalini and few others.

After Lord Krishna Darshan, we had grand lunch at Chowki, VIP dining hall along with Senior and Junior Pejavar Swamiji, The meal was special, called Chaturmaasa, with no vegetables, split grain etc. It was sweets jahangir, shira, and payasa with lot of ghee used.

After lunch we had "Manthrakshathe", blessings from Swamiji in his room.




In the evening at 6pm, we again gathered at "Rajangana" , function hall for presentation ceremony, with Dr Anand Bairy conducting the program., with both Swamijis present on the dais. With the main five members of the committee called on to the stage for presentation of Rs 10 lac cheque with fruit basket. The Swamiji honoured the members with shawl and manthrakshathe and commended the Brahmana Samaja,Dubai for bringing together Brahmanas in a foreign country.

Sudhaker Rao Pejavar proposed vote of thanks, specially thanking the donors for fund raising.

written Friday, 14th July 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Sunday 2nd July 2017
TaralaBalu Kendra, R T Nagara, NammaBengaluru

Suvarna Prasdhana YakshaRanga, Yakshabhinaya organized Yakshagana by amateurs and professionals at TaralaBalu Centre on Sunday 2nd July, at 5pm to 8 pm. The show has been presented by the initiative of KrishnaPrasad, a keen yakshagana enthusiast.

The story line (Prasanga) is DAKSHA YAJNA. King Daksha marries his daughter Dakahsayini to Ishwara. Once in Indra's Asthana, Yaaga was to be performed with leadership of Ishwara, inviting all Kings, Devathas and Brahmanas. When King Daksha arrives at the convention, Ishwara did not give proper respect, so Daksha get offended and abuses Ishwara in front of all the guests and decides take revenge.

Daksha organizes Yajna, where deliberately he doesn't invite Ishwara, and Dakshayini insists on going to Yajna program to meet relatives and the see the celebrations. She was insulted by Daksha and she gets angry and wild, wanted to go into the fire but was not prevented. She goes into yoga samadhi and immortalizes herself.
On hearing this, Ishwara gets wild, creates all powerful VeeraBhadra and orders him to kill Daksha and others which he does it dutifully. Ishwara prays to YajnaNarayana to get back his wife as Parvathi.
Veteran artist Sudhindra Holla as Ishwara, young and upcoming artist Sudhir Uppor as Dakshayini and young artist KrishnaChaitanya as VeeraBhadra performed superbly bringing Navarasa (Sringara, Hasya, Karuna, Roudra, Veera, Bhayanaka, Beebathsa, Adbutha and Shanta) on stage.

As Yakshagana is folk art which consists of dance, heavy costumes, dialogues, beautiful singing by Bhagavataru, accompanied by Mrindanga and Chande.



It was an excellent 3 - hour free program, really pleasure to watch.

written Wednesday 5th July 2017

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Saturday 1st July 2017
RangaShankara, NammaBengaluru.


Singer, Director B Jayashari's Kannada Drama "Sadarame" , being staged with number of house full shows at RangaShankara, Bengaluru. When I checked on the previous day for online booking, it was showing "sold out" for all shows. However, as we were in the Jayanagara Area with Usha-Suresh, from Mysore, old family friend, we decided to check for the availability of counter ticket. To our surprise, it was available and we could watch the show.

A play rich in "navarasa", Sadarame is replete with unforgettable characters, the ingenious Sdarame, the trickster Kalla,  ( ಕಳ್ಳ) the innocent Jayaweera, the mean Bangaru Shresti and the apparently comic, but cruel Adimoorthy. It's the revival of Gubbi Compamy Play, is Director B Jayashree in the role Kalla (ಕಳ್ಳ), the trickster immortalized by her grandfather, the legendary Gubbi Veeranna.

The story revolves around a beautiful, innocent girl, Sadarame, who marries Prince Jayaweera. The prince previously refused to marry but wanted to go for studying Vedanta, changes his mind. His father had to abdicate throne for the greed of  Sadarame's father Bangaru Shresti.

The young couple leaves the kingdom, reaches another kingdom, where the King falls in love with Sadarame and puts Jayweera in jail. Sadarame's characteristic intelligence gets him out from jail and lands herself with a thief ( B Jayashree), who is humorous and clever.

In the end, again it is the cleverness of Sadarame , she rejoins her husband with happy ending.

The play is presented very well which suits the typical taste of rural mass for entertainment, with silly jokes and funny acting.

Changing stage screens, melodious harmonium play and singing by the actors were pleasing.

written 3rd July 2017