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Sunday, 11th March 2018
TaralaBalyu Kendra Library,
R T Nagara, Bengaluru.

Shivarama Karantha Vedike, R T Nagara, organized program for the month of March 2018, with review and dialogue (Samvaada) on Sunday 11th March at 4 pm.

The program happens only because of Pa. ChandraShekhara Chadaga, who is the secretary and a strong fan of Kota Shivarama Karanth.

The program was review and introduce the novel written by Shri GopalaKrishna Pai, some years ago.

Dr S R VijayaShankar, very good speaker and a well read person was there give his opinion on the book, in the presence of the author, Shri GopalaKrishna Pai.

He highlights about the book with the migration of poeple originally from Russia, then to Goa and along the coastal area, community called "GowdaSaraswatha". They speak language called "Konkani", and have progressed in all fields of the society , may be it is Banking, health, Education or other Entreprenuership. The explains about the their culture, belief, difficulties and much more.

Dr Shashikala

Dr Shashikala, Kannad Professor at Bengaluru University and a critic also spoke very effectively about the book.

Earlier, P ChandraShekhara Chadaga, welcomed and introduced the guest.

Ms Indira Sharan proposed the vote of thanks.

HOMA, POOJA at Dr Thavamani

Saturday, 10th March 2018
NKGSB Bank Building, 4th Floor,
Ramamandir Road, RajajiNagara,Bengaluru

Dr Tavamani Pannerselvam was a Medical Officer at Our Own High School, Al Warqa, when I was Supervisor at the same school, working.

She left the school in 2013, and has a medical Centre at Sharjah, which is taken care by her son and daughter-in-law.

She frequently visits Sharjah and when in Bengaluru, she  does lot of social work, health awareness program and actively involved in Wellness of people.

She is also disciple of ISKCON, "Hare Krishn Movement" and organized pooja and homa at her residence every year.

She gave the  invite to us to attend the program at her house, which was conducted by Radhe Shyam Das, former priest from ISKCON. His methods were very systematic, material used for fire, Mangalaarathi, and pravachana was unique. It is also involvement of everybody present in the program, and prayers to attain divinity.

Pooja went on till 1.45 pm after which there was Prasada, with sumptuous meal for everybody.

It was a very effective homa and pooja for all attended. GodBless Dr Thavamani and her Family.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


March 4 -5, 2018
G N R Kalyana Mantapa, Jayanagara, Bengaluru.

Shashank Somayaji is the son of Subramanya Somayaji, grandson of Subbanna Somayaji, who is my father's elder brother. It is wedding of third generation, which took place in Bengaluru.

Subramanya and his father, Umanatha Somayaji lived in Sringeri.

Wedding celebrations were grand with Varapooje on 3rd March evening at the same venue and a get-together and party. Sumptuous dinner followed.

Next morning, we left from home early to reach the venue by 7.30 am and the wedding muhurthum was at 8.30 am. After exchanging of garlands, rest of marriage procedures followed. For others, it was time for meeting lost contacts, networking and catching up the old acquaintances and relations.
Grand lunch followed, as usual in such occasion.

Evening, after 7 pm, it was time for reception, many attended wishing the newly wedded couple and enjoyed the dinner.

at Subramany's house

The next day, 5th March, it was time for SatyaNarayana Pooja and Paaraayana at Subramanya's house near Seetha circle and grand lunch followed.

It was three day celebrations went on smoothly with everybody's blessings.

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Sunday 4th March 2018
RangaShankara, NammaBengaluru.

Kalavidaru with T S NagaBharana
An excellent old Kannada Drama, "Harischandra Kavya" was presented by BENAKA  Theater group at RangaShankara, NammaBengaluru.

The play is adapted from Raghavanka, a noted Kannada writer in the 12-13th century. His famous "Shatpadi", Harischandra Charitham, is in 6 verse poem in Kannada literature.  The herculean task of selecting 115 shatpadi verses and presenting the production was done by Shri K G Mahabaleshwar.


The play is about truthfulness of King Harischandra, who undergoes several hardships due to challenge thrown by Saint Vishwamitra in Devendra's court. With so many difficulties, the King leaving his Kingdom, selling his wife and child, working in a crematorium, child killed by a serpent, wife accused of killing some one, etc etc Harischandra mainatains his truthfulness and ultimately Saint Vishwamitra fails in his challenge.

The presentation of play directed by T S NagaBharana,a noted film and theater personality with music, songs and screen play was excellent. The acting of all the artists was superb, the style of King's sitting posture with half folded legs and half standing posture, was unique.

About 100-minutes play with a 10 minutes break had optimum stage setting to suit the scenes.

It was a superbly presented with old kannada dialogues.

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Sunday, March 4, 2018


Thursday 1st March 2018
Chowdiah Memorial Hall, NammaBengaluru.

It was a beautiful evening with the presentation of Classical Dance Drama Ballet organized by Sri Shandilya Srivatsa, of International Arts and Cultural Foundation, Bengaluru,

The program had two presentations.

!, Meera Bhakthi by Chitra Vishwesaran and her team
2. Maha Shakthi - Suparna Venkatesh and her team.

Meera Bhakthi - It was about 90 minutes Dance Drama Ballet presentation depicting Meera's immense love for Lord Krishna by Meera. She is completely mesmerized by Giridhar's (Krishna) character and beauty, sings and thinks of him 24/7...
The guru Chitra Veishwesaran danced well along with her supporting artists for the classical taped music.

Maha Sakthi - The second 60 minutes Dance Drama Ballet presentation was by Suparna Venkatesh and her  team of young dancers, depicting the power of Devi, in the form of Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Kaali.

All the artists were in superb form, danced well, expressions, movements and the taped music.

The artists were given a memento by the organizer and it was all womens' presentation.

Nalini with artist Rani Abbakka

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Monday, February 26, 2018


Sunday, 25th Feb. 2018
Nayana SabhaBhavana, NammaBengaluru.

"Yaksha Degula",is a pioneering association promoting Yakshagaana for last 40 years in Bengaluru. Every year they identify and honour a distinguished  Yakshagaana artist. This year it was Keppekere Gajanana Heggade, a noted and a fine Yakshagaana Bhagavataru for last 40 years.
He was honoured with a shawl, memento and a cash amount for his dedicated service to the performing art, Yakshagaana.

KeppeKere Gajanana Heggade receiving honour

In his reply, he said that Yakshagaana is losing its original form and being commercialized. The whole night performance with novel stories from Ramayana, MahaBharatha, with strong message to the society is made into a short piece for entertainment.

Sujayeendra Hande as Sudarshana
YakshaGaana, performing art from coastal Karnataka is rich in songs, dance, costume, and dialogues and messages to society. Bhaagavataru is the man who sings with accompaniment of instruments like Taala, harmonium, Mridanga, and Chande. The artist with heavy costumes dances with different styles and verity, sometimes for 10 to 15 minutes continuously and explains the meaning of songs with actions.
"Sudarshana GarvaBhanga", was a story from MahaBharatha, where Devendra was defeated by a Rakshasa and he pleads to SrimanNarayana to kill this Daanava. The king Sudarshana was able to kill him his metal chakra, and he became very proud. He considers himself above everybody and this angers Narayana and he curses him. After realizing his behaviour, he repents and he realizes that "Shodhane" (realization)  must lead to "Saadhane" (Performance) and not to "Vedane" (pain).


It was a splendid performance by all artists. Special mention must be made to excellent performance by Sujayendra Hande, who acted as Sudarshana. Be it dance, dialogues, expressions or acting, it was simply superb.

It was 2- hour show on stage with no special lighting arrangement,  but real entertainment and strong message, which could be applicable even today. "Don't become too proud".

                                                               VIDEO JHALAK

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