Sunday, December 17, 2017


Wed, Thur, Fri 13/14/15/December 2017
Govinda Memorial Hall, Mysuru.

Vignesh is the first son of Anantha Rao, who is Nalini's elder brother. 

Vignesh's wedding with Priya was fixed on 14th Dec.2017 at Mysuru. 

As there was get-together party on 13th Dec. we traveled to Mysuru leaving Bengaluru in the morning, had lunch at Adiga's Maddur, reached at 4pm. Visited NagamaniPrasads, and then to UshaSuresh Cukkemane. 

Went to the get-together party at 7 pm, They organized some entertainment program, fun games and dinner.

Next morning 8.30 am went to the wedding hall, dibbana, welcoming the groom's party, then the marriage rituals followed.

Meeting relatives and friends, chatting, photos and grand lunch follows, as usual in ceremonies.

Left for Bengaluru after visiting Chamundi Hills and Nandi at 4.30pm and reached at 8.30 pm.

Friday, 15th December, there was Beegara Outhana by frooms parents at the residence of AnanthaRao, at Nanfanavana, Banneraghatta, near Jigani. They had Satyanarayana Pooja, Aarathakshathe and grand lunch.

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Monday, December 11, 2017


1 - 4th December 2017

Ooru is special place, where I am born, brought up, went to school and college, grown up a person,

started working, got married.
BirthiMane, Salekeri
It has a special place in the heart and mind.

Ooru means Birthi, Salekeri, Brahmavar, Baikady, Udupi, Manipal, Udyavara, Kadiyali, Saligrama, Kota, Hebri,  Kundapura etc etc and a number of nearby places.

This went by Durgamba Bus on 1st Dec. night from Kodige Halli Gate, Bengaluru at 9.30pm and

at M G M College RangaBhoomi program venue
reached Udayavara (distance of 425 km) at 6 am, having slept in the bus. After breakfast, proceed to Birthi, Salekeri, bath and Devara Puja.

Went to GuruNarasimha Temple at Saligrama, had darshan, also had lunch at the temple.

at Anatheshwara Temple
Visited SriKrishna Temple and Anatheshwara Temples at Udupi.

Attended Niranjan's wedding celebrations at Manipal, MayaGundi, UdupiPuttur.

Wedding venue and Music Program
Also enjoyed Hindustani Music Program at Kittu's Heritage House premises.

Visited Ramachandra-Rajani Udupa and RadhaKrishna-Kamala Upadhya at Udupi.

at Kamala-Radhakrishan Udupa House
Left from Udyavara in Durgamba Bus again back to Bengaluru (night's journey). got delayed by 4

hours due to an accident in Shiradi Ghat section. Reached home. BirthiMane, Bengaluru at 10 am.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017


Sunday, 10th December 2017
RangaShankara, NammaBengaluru

"ShalaBhanjike", Kannada Drama is story from the history of RashtraKoota King DantiDurga, presented by AnthaRanga Drama Group.

A female "RoopaDarshi", damsel is atracted by a sculptor Govinda. He creates a beautiful "Shilpa" of her and calls it MalaDevi.

King DantiDurga ia fascinated by the creation of Mala and falls in love and starts looking for her in his Kingdom and the neighboring Kingdom of NagaBhata. NagaBhata tells him that Roopadarshi found the sculptor in the river, took him home and spend the night. Hearing this DantiDurha kills NagaBhata and prays in a temple and finds Sculptor Govinda.

Govinda says though he spent a night with Roopadarshi Mala, he did not see her in a sexual thinking and he wanted to build a beautiful temple with MalaDevi as the Goddess.

Not happy with the sculptor, DantiDurga orders soldiers to capture Govinda, and in the process and shilpa he created breaks and he dies with that.

Eventually, he finds out that the damsel was his wife.

The presentation of 75-minutes play was good with narrating the story with two people travelling in a train.

Pusha-Madhusudan joined us to watch the play.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Sunday, 3rd December 2017
Kittu's Heritage House premises, MayaGundi, UdupiPuttur.

M KrishnaMoorthy Bhat, a very creative and hardworking person, youngest son of my sister Bhagirathi, is always thinking of something new and innovative.

He is into business of antique items and collected lot of them and built a separate house, adjacent to his living house. "Heritage House", one can see lot of rare items, old used items, remembering by-gone days. He also placed them artistically at different places in the Heritage House. He personally takes care of items  and maintain them.

His longstanding dream of organizing a music concert was materialized on 3rd Dec., coinciding with  Niranjan's wedding celebrations.


Sudhir  Kodavoor

A renowned Hindustani Vocalist Pandit Ravikiran Manipal was invited along with his team to perform the concert for two hours. The stage, arrangements, decorations and the ambiance was perfect for music lovers and there was small crowd of people sat for enjoying the Hindustani concert.

Pandit Ravikiran started his concert with Raag Patadeep "Piyanahi Aayi....." and then to Charukesha raag, and shringar viraha pradhaan raag..

He continued with bhajans....ರಾಮನಾಮ ಭಜಿಸಿದವಗೆ ಉಂಟೆ ಭವದ ಬಂಧನ .....

ನೀ ಮಾಯೆಯೊಳಗೋ ನಿನ್ನೊಳು ಮಾಯೆಯೋ.....
ಭೈರವಿ ರಾಗದಲ್ಲಿ ಮೀರಾ ಭಜನ್ .... ನೈನಮೆ ರಂಗಲಾಲ್ .... ಬಸೋಮೆರೆ....
It was very refreshing and soothing program and we really enjoyed the concert.

Kittu also arranged a tasty dinner with masala dosa, mangaluru bhajji, gobi manchuri, curd rice and ice cream.

It was well spent evening at MayaGundi.

Thanks to Krishnamoorthy Bhat, Rajeshwari and Radhika (Daughter)

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


2, 3, 4,December 2017
R S B Sabha Bhavan, Manipal/ MayaGundi, UdupiPuttur.

Niranjan is the son of Jayalakshmi-KrishnaMoorthy Bhat, MayaGundi, UdupiPuttur. JayaLakshmi is the daughter of my sister Bhagirathi (Baabi). He is Engineer and works in Bengaluru. His wedding was fixed with Vinaya on 3rd December at RSB SabhaBhavana, Manipal.  We were more than happy to attend all the functions.

Day 1: VaraPooje and Get-together at the same place in the evening. Relations and guests arrive by 6pm, after formalities of VaraPooje, entertainment program was arranged with some games , songs, dance and photo sessions, followed by dinner.


Day 2: Wedding: Arrival of groom's party with pomp and noise (Dibbana) at 8.30 am, boy's parents were honoured and the breakfast. Wedding formalities with exchanging garlands, Kanyadana, MangalyaDharana and SaptaPadi etc follows. and the grand lunch , of course.

Day 3: Chandika Homa at Puttur DurgaParameshwari Temple and "Aarathakahsthe" MayaGundi "Bhagirathi" House and grand lunch.



There was a music concert by Pandit Ravikiran Manipal at Kittu's house premises, which appear in a separate blog.

Wishing Niranjan and Vinaya, Long Happy Married life.

posted Wednesday 6th Dec.2017